What is Doodlize?

It's what we do! It's a truly personalized approach to engraving your beer glass, stein, mug or tankard.
  1. You draw a design, picture, outline, message (Doodle)
  2. Scan it info pdf, tif, jpg format (Digitize)
  3. Upload it with your selected item from our website and we engrave it for you (Doodlize)
Doodlize evolved from my custom glassware business, Pubglasses.com, (started February 2000), which evolved from Steins.com started October 1, 1999.

Doing custom and personalized work on beer glasses, growlers, steins and many other items by laser engraving text, names, initials and logos wasn't enough and the Doodlize idea was born June 2015. I came up with the idea of personalizing those gift items with someone's own doodling, writing or drawing. You can't get more personalized than a handwritten note, message, drawing or doodle!

The word "Doodlize" is a combination of "doodle" and "personalize"
verb (used with object), doodlized, doodlizing.
  • to have marked with one's writing, doodle, drawing or sketch:
  • to doodlize giftware
  • to make personal, as by applying a doodlization
  • to design or tailor to meet an individual's specifications, needs, or preferences: a doodlized beer glass

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